Photography: Andrew Berry

Apologies exists as a three hour durational solo performance, a 20 minute solo performance and as a written document created from an exploration of the relationship between women and apologies. 


is a three hour durational solo performance made for BUZZCUT at Into the New Festival 2015. 

The performer is stood in a box she cannot step out of. 
The performance is a long list of apologies and explanations for why the performer is not on the main stage performing her big show at the festival, but stuck in a box by the bar. 

First of all I want to start by apologising. I want to apologise if I have kept you waiting or if you are somehow confused about this situation. I want to apologise for being in your way; if you were going to stand here at some point tonight or if at some point I stand in your way, even if I am just in your way of looking at someone; a friend, a colleague, an artist you have always wanted to talk to.
If I were on the main stage, where my performance was meant to happen, you would be there with me. You would not be standing in front of me; in front of the bar, in the middle of this big open space. You would be sitting down in comfortable seats with no one in front of you; not because there wasn't anyone there, but because my seating bank would give each one of you a perfect view of me. 
By this time I would have told you about the beginning.