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Till the End was first performed at Toynbee Studios in London on the 5th May 2018.  Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir received the Artsadmin BANNER award in 2016/17.  Read more about the process and the award in this INTERVIEW

Lighting Design: Nigel Edwards
Sound Design: Zac Scott
Documentation: Dasa Raimanova

Till the End 

is a solo performance investigating life and death, things appearing and disappearing, the first breath and the last. It attempts to make something that has been made before and question what happens when appearance turns into reality.


I used a red curtain as a marker point, a bottle of milk that went from being full to being empty, a rabbit costume. I attempted to saw myself in half, spoke about wanting to be in two places at once and played a recording about rabbits reproducing on a roundabout in Iceland. I got the audience to predict their future and I blew the candles off a cake.

I searched for missing pieces; I made things appear out of nowhere.
And then it happened. The unexpected. The end.

This performance is an attempt to understand the gap that’s left when a person passes away. This investigation takes place using the convention of a shit magic show, where the repetition of things appearing and disappearing is the key element of the work.