Photography: Kenneth Dundas

'Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir, should she continue to perform at this level and with this quality of material is a name we shall have to get used to pronouncing, spelling and saying out loud.' - FringeReview

'The skill displayed by such a young performer was tremendous. She understood how theatre worked and used deceit and absurdity in equal measure.'  FringeReview

At least we can laugh about it 

is a light-hearted autobiographical performance about building up expectations and running out of time. It conveys memorable beginnings, life changing experiences, earth shattering news and finally being ‘ready’ after months of rehearsals. The work is a playful, ambiguous exploration of theatrical conventions, authenticity and the relationship between the performer and the audience. 

Materials transform as the performance evolves; a Valentines card, a pink twist and shout t-shirt, a snow shovel, a dusky eighties dance dress and a prop table. The audience are taken on a journey through absurd, ambiguous moments where nothing is what it seems to be. 

Evoking laughter at stupidity of the world, this one woman show will last exactly one hour.  (If you have no expectations) you will not be disappointed.

At least we can laugh about it was first performed at Into the New festival at The Pearce Institute in Glasgow in January 2016. 

The performance received an 'Outstanding Show' from FringeReview, read the full review HERE